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August 17-20


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Chicago Bounce Back Against Juggernauts

Returning home, the Chicago Bandits bounced back on Thursday to take the win over the New York Juggernauts, 1-0 . The two teams continued competition from four game match the previous weekend in New York. The Juggernauts captured the final victory that series after the Bandits won the first three.

Chicago starter Lauren Bay earned the win in her six inning performance by giving up one hit while striking out three. Opponent Peach James fought back with five strikeouts, but at the same time giving up five hits and walking three.

Christina Enea started up the action when she approached the plate with two outs in the inning. The shot dropped right in between second baseman Carrie Leto and rightfielder Trena Peel, and then rolled past Peel to round Enea to third. Mackenzie Vandergeest executed by driving the ball right up the middle to bring in the first run of the game.

Peel rebounded from the previous half by sending the ball to left field on one bounce. After making it safe to the base, she continued on to steal her way around to third on different pitches. Third base was as far as she could make it as the next two batters were out.

Gina Oaks was the next Bandit to reach a bag in the third inning by a base on balls. With Liz Bouck up next to bat, Oaks was caught stealing but Bouck copied her by taking a ball four. Juggernaut short stop sped her way into foul territory to catch Enea’s pop-up, ending the inning.

Chelsea Spencer aggressively grabbed the ground ball Haley Viefhaus hit up the middle, but her momentum continued, forcing her to hold on to the ball. Laura Harms followed with another hard hit to Spencer who attempted to make the play at second but Viefhaus beat the ball there.

In the fifth inning, Peel has the second hit of the game for herself and the Juggernauts. She was also the only player with two hits this match. This time around she could not get any further than first. Kim Ogee hit a line drive to Viefhaus at third, who gunned it to first for the double play.

Bandits relief Amy Harre faced the final four batter to end the game, 1-0/

Tickets are still available for this series and can be purchased through or by calling 1-877-BANDIT. For the most recent news and statistics, check out the official website at .