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League Meeting Yields Changes for 2015 NPF Season

Nashville. TN – January 29, 2015
- NPF Affiliate Team Owners and Licensees met in Kissimmee, FL mid-month in January to review and discuss changes to impact the 2015 season. Also accomplished at the meeting was the scheduling of the 2015 regular season schedule, which was released immediately following the meeting.

On the agenda for the League Management Committee to vote on, were items falling under typical LMC jurisdiction, which largely deals with competition matters. Each of the five NPF Affiliate Teams have one representative on the LMC. Those teams were represented as follows: Akron Racers - Owner, Craig Stout; Chicago Bandits - General Manager, Aaron Moore; Dallas Charge - General Manager, Kevin Shelton; PA Rebellion - Owner, Stu Williams; USSSA Pride - General Manager, Don DeDonatis

Many items were discussed prior to the January 13 meeting at a previous team meeting held in Las Vegas on December 4, 2014 in conjunction with the NFCA National Convention.

The following Items were voted on by the LMC:

1. Discussion took place, following the establishment of the 2015 schedule, regarding double headers. The idea was proposed for the possible need to implement a tiebreaker in the 8th inning and a run-rule after 5 innings due to the overall length of playing time that can take place on a double-header day. Motion was made to implement the tie breaker in the 8th inning of a “true” double header, meaning the same two teams playing each other on the same day, regardless of whether the match-up was scheduled in advance or the result of a make-up game. 

Motion passed by unanimous vote

Motion was made to implement a “run-rule” of which would be 8 runs after 5 innings. 

Motion failed - 3-1 with 1 member Abstaining 

2. Regarding autograph session, motion was made to allow individual teams the option to conduct autograph sessions as they choose for the Home Team. (Visiting Team must continue to make all players available for autograph session.)

Motion passed 3-2

3. Motion was made to allow backstops to exceed the current limit of 30’ and to continue playing by rules implemented mid-season in 2014.

Motion passed by unanimous vote

4. Motion was made for umpires to confiscate any and all broken bats that occur during a game and forward them immediately to the League Office. From there, they will be returned to manufacturers and tested to insure they meet regulatory standards. In the event the bat is assessed to be altered, player and team will be assessed appropriate fines.

Motion passed by unanimous vote

5. Motion was made to allow the continuance of no tiebreaker in Championship Series play, (acknowledging that for television or other special circumstances such as play delays, it may be implemented).

Motion passed by unanimous vote

6. Motion was made to raise the per diem for coaches, trainers and players from a $25 per day allowance to a $30 per day allowance ($6 Breakfast, $9 Lunch, $15 Dinner)

Motion passed by unanimous vote

Other decisions reached through meeting discussions: 

  • Sponsorship real estate inside ballpark venues for televised games goes as follows: From outfield side of dugout around the backstop to outfield side of other dugout belongs to the league if they desire or require to use. This will be for league branding, exclusive category branding and television sponsor branding.

From outfield side of dugout down the sidelines and around the outfield fence to the outfield side of the other dugout belongs to the home team if they desire or require to use. 

Upon mutual agreement, exceptions may be made to the above.

  • Individual teams have the ability to brand one sleeve of each and every uniform with a sponsor brand, if they so desire. Teams realize there may be an additional cost to doing this impression on the uniform. Various sponsors can be used on various uniform styles. Design must be approved by NPF league office and Boombah, the Official Uniform Supplier of NPF.

  • Established that beginning 2015, only official suppliers will be allowed into the headband category and those will be the only headbands allowed on the field of play. There will be diverse options that meet all headband types worn in 2014. This category will not be exclusive in 2015.

  • Established that logo sizing limitations will be distributed to Official Suppliers and must be adhered to on any and all equipment and apparel that makes the NPF playing field (which includes dugouts).

  • Draft order was discussed for 2015 as staying the same due to trades made based on assumptions. Draft order was distributed including the addition of Dallas. Dallas was offered a “Market Choice Selection” prior to the beginning of the 2015 Draft, but they declined that option in favor of the #21 overall pick.

  • It was agreed by all the first item of the “Tie Breaking Procedure” to determine regular season standings would be deleted. This places “Head to head” as the first determiner in tie breaking.

  • It was agreed by all that a scheduling meeting (for 2016 schedule) would be held at the NFCA Convention in Atlanta in December of 2015. 

National Pro Fastpitch will open its 2015 regular season on May 29 when the
Chicago Bandits travel to Washington, PA to face off against the PA Rebellion. Complete 2015 league schedule can be found at or on individual team websites. 

About National Pro Fastpitch
National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.  The league, created to give elite female fastpitch players the opportunity to pursue a professional career in their chosen sport, has operated since 1997 under the names of Women’s Pro Fastpitch (WPF) and Women’s Pro Softball League (WPSL).  NPF is the Official Development Partner of Major League Baseball in the category of women’s fastpitch softball and has been since 2002.